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I pray that God uses your ministry to help others!

At the tender age of 13, I gained a brother, a friend, and a mentor. After losing our father, Mickey became the man that I grew to love and look up to. He was more than just a brother-in-law…he was my family and someone I valued and appreciated. Life as we knew it certainly changed over the course of the last 15 years. We have grown, we have loved, and we have lost. We have made mistakes, we have cried, and we have asked for forgiveness. God knew that your purpose was not to be apart, but to be as ONE THROUGH CHRIST!!! The miracle that I have witnessed in you both has blessed my heart in more ways then you’ll ever know. I was so excited to see God intervene on HIS TIMING!!!! To watch his grace overflow in each of you like never before was just amazing to me. We’ve all heard before the famous words, “I’ve changed,” “I’m not that person anymore,” or “I forgive you,” but to see the workings of Christ first hand required none of these. To see the transformation of a lost soul and a broken heart mended with serenity and peace is more than a miracle….it is God and God alone! I could not be more proud of you Mickey and Krystal. I sit here typing this with tears in my eyes because I know the struggle you each have faced, I have seen the tears each has cried, and I see the GRACE you both hold so dear to your hearts today! You are RESTORED and I pray that God uses your ministry to help others. I pray that you will always seek him first in this new journey you are on. I love you both so much! I am SO PROUD to see what GOD has and IS doing in your lives. Your marriage truly is one of grace, mercy, and love!
xoxo, Your Sissy

— Kellie L. Gainey 

God bless you!

You’re a big man to have searched your soul like you have, and I’m glad to have spent a little time with you, and hear you tell me your story at the lake. I’m hoping that all went well and that yesterday you enjoyed the most meaningful Father’s day ever. God bless you man.

— George Holden 

I heartily recommend Mickey & Krystal…

Mickey and Krystal are truly demonstrations of God’s amazing grace, and wherever they have the opportunity to share their story of Christ’s redeeming love, lives are sure to be blessed. I pray that their story of a marriage restored will bring to others the divine mercy they have come to know.

— Ron Bower 

Seriously considering divorce…

My wife and I were seriously considering divorce about 8 months ago. Since then things were getting better but after attending this retreat and had a chance to try the different exercises, things have been GREAT! Thank you so much for sharing and helping others.

— Miron 

We are praying and learning along with you…

Mickey, I can’t tell you how happy we are for you and your family! God did it! I knew that if Krystal opened her heart and gave you this chance…you were ready to love her like never before, and lead your family putting Christ first! Your girls are the true winners and their lives are now forever changed. 

You and Krystal have so much to offer with your testimony and look forward to supporting your family, praying and learning along with you through your ministry. Katie and I love you all very much.

— Ben Rountree 

Your story will make a difference for others!

Thank you for sharing your testimony. We all have stories in our lives, but yours will make a difference for others! You two are as unique as the hand blown glass sculptures I observed in Seattle…difficult to mold, twists and turns abound to make it a sight to behold. Gods Peace,

— Suzanne (Sumter, SC)

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